7-Day Detox Webinar Boot Camp

7-Day Detox Webinar Boot Camp

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Want to learn more about detoxification, how your liver works and how to make the perfect smoothie? Add on Dr. Tiffany’s EcoCleanse 7-day Detox Webinar Boot Camp!


Tiffany Jackson, ND developed this Online Webinar Boot Camp over the past five years, and is proud to say that many of my patients are reaping the benefits!

Dr. Tiffany has found that many patients that embark on the detox journey do NOT do so correctly. In her 7-Day Virtual Detox Boot Camp you will gain access to seven of her online webinars about proper detoxification and stress management. The seven webinars inside her 7-Day Virtual Detox Boot Camp will come to your inbox for the first 7 days of your detox and teach you the proper way to cleanse and decrease your stress levels.

In 7-days, you’ll watch seven boot camp webinars, each 20-30 minutes in length

  • Lesson 1 - Understanding Toxins & Detoxification
  • Lesson 2 - How to Make a Healthy Green Smoothie
  • Lesson 3 - Clean 14 Detox Diet
  • Lesson 4 - Detox Your Home
  • Lesson 5 - Connect with Your Breath
  • Lesson 6 - Toxic Products that Mess with Your Hormone
  • Lesson 7 - Ten Minute Meditation for Stress

After watching these webinars you’ll have all the right tools to detox the right way!

Check out what Kris C. had to say about her experience!

“There is such an abundance of detox information available today that it is overwhelming and often contradictory. Dr. Tiffany Jackson has taken a different approach, she teaches, inspires and coaches you to implement changes that will transform you. Each webinar explains in easy to understand terms the scientific facts behind each issue then with pinpoint accuracy you are given an action plan that is targeted, specific and works. For the first time in decades I feel empowered and in control of my health.”