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Our promise to you is that you are our top priority. We will deliver the highest level of service and treat you as an individual, designing a personalized wellness plan for your needs and desires and arming you with the motivation, support, and education you need to claim your optimal health.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our clients are saying about us.

Praise from Jessica:


Accommodating, knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated, passionate, supportive… I can’t say enough about the entire team at Ecohealth Wellness Center and Detox Spa. From the bottom of my heart, they all deserve a public thank you for their efforts and determination in changing my life.

Unequivocally, visiting with Tiffany was the best health decision I’ve ever made. Her knowledge and appreciation for the body shines through in her detailed, step-by-step plan tailored to address your individual health goals. By learning my past, targeting my deficiencies, and supporting my ecosystem, she gave me the foundation to build upon for the rest of my life.

No matter your situation, I would recommend her to anyone in hopes of hearing similar success stories. The road to a healthier life starts with the first step… Ecohealth is waiting with open arms to help you begin your journey! Sláinte!
S. Fahey – Charleston, SC

“I went to see Tiffany at Eco Health hoping to resolve some minor health concerns. What I received and experienced was so much more. The holistic and natural approach that Tiffany and her team take regarding health is not only impactful and effective but empowering! I never realized how much control I could have over my health. Tiffany taught me so much about my body and how it works in conjunction with my past health history and current lifestyle. She gave me so much more than a resolution to my health concerns; she gave me confidence and knowledge for which I am so grateful. I am three months out of my consultative sessions with Tiffany and can gladly say that her health plan for me was manageable, effective and has made me love my body again!”
Caroline – Charleston, SC

“The entire staff at EcoHealth are accommodating and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is attractive and welcoming.

Tiffany was extremely thorough during my nutritional consult and became quite determined to find solution to my health concerns. Her passion is contagious, which made me want to be a compliant patient. I feel better and healthier! Working with Tiffany has given me a better understanding and appreciation of my body.

I’m continuing my relationship with EcoHealth with their Ultimate membership. Love my weekly infrared sauna and/or Migun bed massage sessions and cannot live with out Kangen water!”

E. Lee

“Contacting Tiffany has been the best decision I have ever made in regards to my health. I came to her because I have been a ridiculously picky eater my entire life, and it was finally catching up to me. I was overweight and had absolutely no energy. I honestly thought she would tell me to quit eating like a child and start eating fruits and vegetables. And I would never go back to see her. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Instead, she worked with me and came up with solutions unique to my particular situation. She started with the foods that I actually liked and then found creative ways to painlessly get in the healthy stuff. After that first appointment, I tried just a few of her suggestions and the results were instantaneous. I have never felt better in my life! Turns out that getting the proper nutrition into my body would give me the energy and focus I so desperately needed. I knew all along that I needed to eat healthier, but Tiffany taught me how to eat healthier in a realistic way. She took into consideration my horrible eating habits, my lack of interest in cooking, my schedule and lifestyle, and she came up with a plan that would work for me. Tiffany is great at what she does! I could not have gotten to where I am today without her!”
K. Altman — West Ashley, SC

“I have a three year old who had chronic congestion, coughing, and ear infections. I knew she deserved to feel healthy and good in her body. I have known Tiffany for some time and, based in her extensive experience with children, knew she would be the best professional to help my daughter. Tiffany completed a thorough intake and history and, based on that, came up with a strategic week-by-week plan. My daughter’s symptoms improved quickly. When she does catch something, now she is able to clear it up much quicker than before — which shows us her immune system is getting stronger. The plan included eliminating certain foods from her diet. I was unsure I could manage this at first but knew it had to be done. It does take a lot of label looking, but even my daughter reminds me now to look. Tiffany was super helpful with coming up with creative mixtures, recipes, and ways to hide vitamins and supplements for picky eaters. I really think signing up for the three-month Follow Through Plan has been very beneficial. It has given us Tiffany’s continued support and expertise to tweak things as needed. I would highly recommend Tiffany’s services!”
Leigh B. – Mount Pleasant, SC

“When I was first referred to Tiffany by a dear friend, I was very skeptical. What could she do for me that I haven’t already tried? After all, I had been seeing a GI doctor for over 5 years for my chronic constipation, chronic heartburn, acid reflux, and HORRIBLE gas. After trying every medication on the market and available by prescription, I finally decided to go for a consult. That consult changed my life! Tiffany also confirmed a lot of other health issues I already knew were going on with my body but no physician would listen. I started out with the Kangen Water, and after just 2 weeks, I began to notice I had no heartburn and no gas. Just a coincidence I thought. After another 2 weeks, it was still gone! And that’s when I knew this was the real thing and decided to sign up for the 12-week Digestive Health Repair Program. During this 12-week journey, I was amazed how almost all of my initial complaints were not even a thought anymore. It’s amazing how much people take for granted going to the bathroom everyday and how toxic and sick it can make you feel when you don’t. I remember on one of my visits with Tiffany, she asked how my bowel movements were going, and I was so excited to tell her ‘I just pooped, in your bathroom!’ It was a hysterical moment. If you have any doubts that Tiffany can help you with whatever health concern it is you have, don’t! I have recommended her to every family, friend, and coworker I come into contact with who I know has certain unresolved health issues. Thank you Tiffany and all the EcoHealth staff for making me feel healthy again and for teaching me to always listen to my gut — literally! Thanks!”
A. Jones

“As a pediatric speech pathologist, I have been working with kids with Autism and kids with severe disabilities for many years, so I understand the power of nutrition. Little did I know that the knowledge would come full circle with the birth of our baby girl. I am so thankful and grateful for Tiffany’s guidance and tremendous level of knowledge in identifying food sensitivities and allergies in my six-month-old baby girl. You can only imagine the fear in me when my baby would break out in red bumps all over her face and body when I nursed her. Tiffany gave us guidance as to what to look for to help determine what was causing her so much trouble and how to eliminate these foods. Tiffany was spot on with identifying the food allergies [which is tricky to do in a 6 month old that won’t take a bottle]. Tiffany answered all of my questions and was always available to chat if something was not quite right. We are forever grateful!”
Laura and Emmylou

“I have found working with Dr. Jackson to be a joy and a pleasure. Her breadth and depth of expertise concerning the human body and how to expertly solve problems in ways that truly heal core issues has left me fascinated with her practice. I strongly recommend Dr. Jackson as a health practitioner. She is an excellent doctor and healer!”
Elinor A. — Mount Pleasant, SC

“After changing my diet to help with my chronic inflammation and severe back pain, I was looking for guidance to expand my diet and nutrition intake. I am so happy I contacted Tiffany because she was spot on with identifying exactly what I needed to do. Her knowledge and expertise are impeccable, and she will not disappoint.”
Chris A. — North Charleston, SC

“After suffering from chronic environmental and food allergies for over 20 years and seeing many types of doctors, I decided to try to get to the root of my problem rather than continue to treat the symptoms with the myriad of immunotherapy, antihistamines, decongestants, and corticosteroids given to me. That is when I found Tiffany. After taking a thorough history [When was the last time a doctor sat and talked with you about your condition for 90 minutes?], she had a good idea of what was causing all my symptoms, including allergies, ear problems, sensitive skin, loss of muscle, and more and recommended and referred me for specialized testing which other doctors had never recommended before. Sure enough, my levels came back high. I found out why my body was in a compromised state, causing me to have multiple sensitivities to everyday things. She put together a complete plan of care, and I am finally on the path to health!”
L. Butler — Summerville, SC 

“I came to see Tiffany after suffering with digestive issues, fatigue, and chronic sinus problems for about 3 years. She was able to see patterns in my history of symptoms that other doctors had missed. After following her dietary and supplementary recommendations, I saw my symptoms disappear in a few weeks, where, in the past, I was just prescribed medication that made my issues worse. Tiffany knows how to safely and naturally relieve symptoms.”
JDC — Mount Pleasant, SC

“I am so grateful you have come into our lives! Thank you so very much for all of your expertise, your knowledge, your time, your genuine care for your clients, and the care and detail you put into each of us. I so appreciate your guidance as we take on this journey.”
Melinda — Charleston, SC

“I want to thank Tiffany for changing my daughter’s life. It has been a long struggle with stomach issues. She has seen many doctors and tried several alternative therapies. I couldn’t accept that over-the-counter remedies were the solution to her problems. After following Tiffany’s diet and supplement recommendations, my daughter’s health has greatly improved. Finally! I wish we had known about Tiffany several years ago!”
Karen P. — Mount Pleasant, SC

“I was under a lot of stress when moving to Charleston and my blood pressure was extremely high, around 180/110. My physician prescribed an anti-hypertensive drug which helped lower it some, but my blood pressure was still about 145/90 after a year of taking the prescription drug, even after increasing to twice a day. I consulted with Tiffany Jackson and she recommended diet changes and specialized supplements. In TWO DAYS I was able to stop taking the prescription drug; my blood pressure was 124/74. I’ve been taking the supplements and following her diet recommendations for six months and my blood pressure remains in a safe range. I would recommend Tiffany to anyone seeking a holistic approach for managing their high blood pressure.”

T. Ehlers – Mount Pleasant, SC


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On Our Detox Programs…

“The 21-day detox was so much easier than I expected. I did not get hungry. I was taking medications daily for acid reflux before the detox, and now I no longer needed any meds after the detox! I will definitely do it again!”
Theresa — James Island, SC

“I loved doing the 21-day detox program. It made a huge difference in my skin and energy levels. I would do it again! My daughter also did the detox with me, and she is over the moon with her results! She has consulted with her doctors and is now off a few of the medications she had been taking. The detox was the best thing for both of us, and we thank Tiffany for assisting us in the program.”
Patricia — West Ashley, SC

On Our Weight Loss Program…

“I am single parent whose son just went to college. A benefit of this life change is that I no longer felt I had to make dinner every night, which is great, except I started snacking and getting take-out instead of eating real meals. Cheap gas makes my car run poorly; I don’t know why I was doing that to my body. The Prepared Weight Loss Meal Program that Tiffany designed with Whole Foods Market was my perfect answer. I’m not cooking. I’m not fixated on food because I’m not deprived nor am I ever hungry. I enjoy every single morsel that goes into my mouth. I feel great. I’ve learned about healthy food choices and portion control. And, oh yeah, I’ve lost 7 pounds in three weeks. Gotta love it!”
Donna M. — Charleston, SC

“I am 48 years old and decided to get healthy and lose the extra 20 pounds I had put on over the years. With diligence in watching what I ate and keeping a steady workout regiment, I lost 10 pounds on my own, but the last 10 was simply not moving. My trainer recommended Tiffany’s Weight Loss Program with meals she has Whole Foods Market prepare. I was in an incredibly stressful, busy time in my life, and I thought having someone prepare balanced protein and carbohydrate weight loss meals for me would be perfect. I gave myself one month to lose the 10 pounds, and Tiffany told me that, with her program, this was very attainable. Now three weeks later I am 9 pounds lighter and fully confident that my 10 pound goal is just around the corner! It was the easiest 10 pounds I’ve EVER lost! The food is great, the convenience of the meals is wonderful, and Tiffany’s knowledge, support, and tips were invaluable. I would recommend Tiffany to anyone who is struggling with weight loss. She is passionate about what she does and really cares about her clients!”
Karen H. — Mount Pleasant, SC

“The EcoHealth Weight Loss Program is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle change. I’ve heard that before, but I never truly understood it until I started Tiffany’s program. I’ve lost 15 pounds so far. But it’s not even about the scale; it’s more about the way my body has transformed. This program truly burns fat, which is showing in the inches I’ve lost around my hips and waist and how my clothes are fitting. I am a pack rat who never throws anything away, and I have a closet full of old clothes that were too small for me. I recently raided that closet and everything (not some things but EVERYTHING!) I tried on either fit or was too big! I even fit into the dress I wore to my high school graduation over 12 years ago!

“This is a simple program to follow and everything you need is completely spelled out for you. I’ve always been a cheater on all diets, but when you cheat on this program, the weight loss sticks will show it and that really helped keep me honest. Once I got into the zone, I knew I was burning fat, and I wanted to do whatever had to be done to stay in that state. It certainly made me think twice before I decided to cheat. From Tiffany’s grocery store tour, I learned how to shop for groceries at Whole Foods Market on a budget and plan my meals so that I can keep from getting hungry and wanting to cheat. I have learned how to make better choices in the foods I eat and how to eyeball appropriate portion sizes. This program has given me the tools I needed to lose the weight and the knowledge I must have to keep it off for the rest of my life!”
Meagan S. — Daniel Island, SC

“The EcoHealth Weight Loss Program has been wonderful. My husband lost 14 pounds in one month, and I lost 9 pounds in one month! We have found it to be the ‘real thing.’ Finally — not a gimmick but a program based on healthy eating with dramatic, fantastic results. It reduces fat without loss of muscle tissue. It’s easy to follow, easy to maintain, easy to eat out, easy to be on the go. It answers everything. And believe me, I have tried them all. The professional guidance offered by Tiffany has been a gift. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks!!!”
Karen C. — Charleston, SC

“Tiffany, I can’t thank you enough for telling me about and guiding me through your Weight Loss Program. I had been trying for years to take off some weight in order to feel like my old self again! I am not a tall person, so 10 to 15 extra pounds really makes a difference. After consulting with you and getting my weight loss supplements, I found the willpower to do it this time! It really worked. As I write this, I am 17 pounds lighter than I was when I began. With the plan, increased activity, and your help, I reached my goal in the initial 5 weeks. I like the supplements so much that I have continued to take them daily. They give me great energy and an ability to focus. After getting used to a new way of eating, I have chosen to modify my diet — hopefully for a lifetime! Even my husband has lost weight and he wasn’t on the plan!

“I am leaving today for a week-long vacation in the Bahamas! I am so happy to be feeling good about myself and my improved appearance. People tell me I look like a teenager, and my mother said she doesn’t recall me ever looking as fit and healthy! I definitely would recommend this plan to anyone who is ready to make a change for the better. Thanks again!”
Elizabeth M. — Mount Pleasant, SC

On Our Autism/ADHD Program…

“As a pediatric occupational therapist, I have been working with children on the autism spectrum for 13 years and have witnessed many of them exhibiting improved behavior and function following implementation of Tiffany’s recommendations and other dietary changes. Through her lectures, I gained a greater understanding of the biochemistry behind the diets and whys and hows they work. Everything we put in or on our body will impact it in some way. Some of the behavior I am working to change as a therapist can be strongly affected by diet. This is something I have to take into consideration during treatment. The knowledge I gained can be used not only in my profession but in my personal life as well for improved health.”
Angie Beard — Charleston, SC

“Working with Tiffany has been a lifesaver as my family navigated the myriad of autism information involved in the biomedical treatment of our son. Her wealth of knowledge combined with practical application suggestions and supportive coaching helped us tremendously. Tiffany answered endless questions about nutritional supplements, physiology, and diet interactions for autism spectrum kids. She was the glue that got us through our son’s successful treatment process. Thank you, Tiffany!”
Susan H. — Columbia, SC

“Tiffany, I really enjoyed my recent consultation with you. I have been looking for a way to treat my son’s ADHD without medication for a little more than a year now. We see an occupational therapist and a speech therapist weekly and have implemented an excellent plan for school, but my son is still struggling. Some days, I feel like we are fighting a losing battle. After our consultation, I feel like there is once again hope. I was very impressed that you took so much time getting to know my son even before we met. Since the consultation, we have started the nutritional supplementation plan you suggested and have seen some improvement. My son already seems to be much calmer (after only 6 days), and we look forward to seeing greater changes over the next couple of weeks.

“I only wish I had contacted you sooner. I was given your number back in March, and I waited until June before I called to set up a consultation. Prior to making the appointment, I visited your website several times. I am glad I finally made the decision to contact you for advice on alternative treatment methods, and I hope others will do the same. The knowledge and passion you have for helping others truly inspires me. Tiffany, I could never thank you enough!”
Beth Coleman — Summerville, SC

“My son has been considered at risk for Autism, and I wanted to do everything possible to help him. I looked into the biomedical approach for helping my son. After being referred to Tiffany, I decided to schedule an appointment. I was very skeptical at first, but after meeting with her, my view completely changed. She suggested we add zinc to my son’s diet to help with his appetite. Within 3 days, my son was eating everything in sight [GFCF] and asking for food, which he never has done before. She also suggested we add zinc to my daughter’s diet to help with her eczema. I am happy to report her skin is doing great! We are very excited to continue on our journey with Tiffany.”
C. England

“Several years ago, I attended an Autism Workshop [Natural Approaches to Autism] facilitated by Dr. Tiffany Jackson. At the time, we had just received an autism diagnosis for our three-year-old non-verbal daughter, who was continuing to decline rapidly in health, sensory and motor skills, and ALL cognitive functions. The detailed health information that I gleaned from Dr. Jackson’s workshop was vital to our daughter’s health AND it began her road to recovery. Our daughter (now seven years old) is a healthy, happy little girl. She is able to communicate easily and enjoys friends, pretend play, art, learning, and life. She has come further than we ever dreamed possible! Our entire family’s health and environment has drastically changed for the positive since we put into practice the many things that Dr. Jackson taught at the workshop. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Jackson’s vast knowledge about autism, health. and wellness!”
Marianne Hair — Summerville, SC

On Our Spa Memberships…

“I learned about EcoHealth Wellness Center when I was researching wellness businesses in the area. I have had psoriasis since 2008, and it has been under control since I started drinking the Kangen water. I love the Migun Bed Massage and especially the Infrared Sauna. They are both excellent detox services. I love the sauna because I feel the toxins releasing, and I immediately feel refreshed. My favorite part about being a member at EcoHealth would be the customer service! Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly — it feels like family and makes me very happy to have it here in Mt Pleasant. I definitely recommend becoming a member at EcoHealth and tell everyone I know about it!”
Sandra Jamali — Mount Pleasant, SC

“Thank you for restoring my health and youthfulness! Your Kangen Water membership is truly hydrating, and, in addition to the Infrared Sauna, the biggest indicator is my face. The rosiness is back in my cheeks, and I am no longer sallow. Keep telling your story!”
M. — Charleston, SC

“I would like to thank EcoHealth Wellness Center for bringing holistic health services to Mt. Pleasant. I appreciate the convenience of the infrared sauna sessions for managing my Lyme disease. Thank you!”
EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

“I heard about EcoHealth through a friend because she knew I was interested in Kangen water. I first scheduled a Kangen water lecture on their website — it is a great way to get detailed information on water system [they have a lecture every month]. Tiffany was great at answering all my questions about it. I have enjoyed the Kangen Water Membership. I drink a lot of water throughout the day — one cup first thing in the morning on empty stomach, one before I go to bed, and I keep a bottle by my bed to drink it through the night. I have to say that I have been having a great pregnancy — no morning sickness, no heartburn, no breakouts on my skin.”
Aline Eskandari — Mount Pleasant, SC

On Our Health Lectures…

“I learned a wealth of information attending Tiffany Jackson’s Autism Lecture Series. The testimony from a mother who reversed her son’s autism was extremely exciting, especially since I work with children on the Autism Spectrum. Tiffany recommended books that help explain environmental factors that negatively affect children with Autism. I look forward to sharing the information I have learned with parents and colleagues who are interested in seeing great gains by committing to ‘cleaning a child’s gut.’ I truly desire to help people affected by Autism/PDD. Tiffany has opened my eyes to alternative treatment options for children on the spectrum.”
Kim Martin — Charleston, SC (Speech-Language Pathologist)

“I thought the Weight Loss lecture Tiffany gave was very informative. She asked for information from the participants as she spoke so she could address our specific issues along the way. I learned new information on nutrition, even though I have been interested in [and reading about] healthy eating and weight loss for some time. I also enjoyed the grocery store tour tremendously.”
Tiffany H. — Charleston, SC

“Tiffany Jackson, ND is very passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition and health. Her lecture here at Franke at Seaside covered a range of topics from the importance of nutrition and hydration to aromatherapy. Attendees of her lecture walked away with a greater awareness of the importance of nutrition and reading labels when grocery shopping. By explaining the dangerous role of consuming synthetic chemicals and refined and processed foods, Dr. Jackson helped to educate us on the adverse effects of so-called fat free and sugar free products. After attending the class, I personally began reading the labels on my food, and what a wake-up call! I have since embraced Dr. Jackson’s advice: If you don’t recognize the ingredients on the package, don’t put it in or on your body!”
Jenny Owen — Mount Pleasant, SC 

“Tiffany’s Grocery Store Tour at Whole Foods Market supplied beneficial and functional information for my grocery shopping needs. Prior to the tour, I only shopped at Whole Foods Market for ‘special occasions.’ Her tour taught me I could shop at Whole Foods more often and not break my wallet if I sought out the store specials, coupon items, and 365 Core Value brand items. I also learned what items are more important to buy organic and what items are fine to buy conventional. Tiffany pointed out items that make eating healthy more convenient. Overall, the grocery tour has spurred on new thoughts, paradigms, and eating habits.”
Kim M. — Charleston, SC

Praise for Traci our Massage Therapist-

I’m an active person and exercise regularly. I’ve used massage therapy as a regular component of my “wellness routine” for many years and have had the pleasure of experiencing many different therapists in varied settings (gyms, spas, hair salons, etc). I have found you to be one of the very best therapists I’ve experienced! You have a natural, empathetic ability that when combined with your excellent training and education provides your clients with the massage that “they need” on that particular day. You have a very thorough command of human physiology and if you’re unsure of something, you don’t hesitate to look it up (sometimes on the spot) or research it for a future massage. You are a problem solver and always take the time to check-in with your client at the start of an appointment to see what their needs are for that day.

I have enjoyed watching you progress in your massage therapy journey and know your future clients will look forward to their time with you as much as I have. Best wishes for future success in Charleston! Paige – Mount Pleasant, SC

Absolutely love Traci. I work two physically demanding jobs and she always knows how to get my muscles working well again. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Wow, what a huge success for my first appointment with you! I went to my chiropractor immediately after you and he was able to adjust me better than he has ever done in the past. There was definitely a synergistic effect between your work and his. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci is up there with the best I’ve ever had. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci did an excellent job addressing my area of concen. She was professional and friendly. Can’t wait to book another appointment. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

I had the pleasure of having a deep tissue massage performed by Traci a few days ago. The massage itself was of sufficient level of depth and I could really feel Traci hard at work manipulating soft tissue disturbances. Afterwards, I was able to return to my workout with significantly less pain/restriction with proper form as the pain and tightness was one of the major limiting factors to applying correct form. The best massage experience I have had to date in my entire life, no doubt. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci was very professional and very personal. She listened very carefully to my needs and responded accordingly. The past week was very stressful for me but after Traci’s compassionate caring ears and hands I felt a lot better leaving than when I came and will certainly return again. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci is an excellent therapist and individual! Her treatment as well as advise on stretches post treatment have been extremely helpful! Highly recommend her! EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci was great. She worked out all the kinks she could and did it without pain…EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

I see Traci for massages and she is fantastic!!! Highly recommend!! EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci was an excellent and very professional therapist. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the atmosphere, client-centered technique, and friendly staff. Definitely one of the best massages I’ve ever received. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci was excellent. I have been having neck and shoulder issues, she focused on those areas and provided relief. Will definitely schedule again with Traci. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci was wonderful! I was the last appointment of the day but I was not rushed or made to feel uncomfortable. One of the best experiences I have had there so far. I am looking forward to my next appointment with Traci. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci is awesome! She is the 1st therapist ( and been to several over the years ) to ask me what areas of my body would I like her to concentrate on. I have 12 vertebrae fused and she is always careful of my back. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci was wonderful, just what I needed after a long tax season of stress. Of course I will be back. Always a pleasure. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci shows that she has a real interest in the pains and muscle stress that I experience. She works with me to help alleviate this pain and stiffness. EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC

Traci is an excellent therapist, intuitive and skilled in various types of massage. Highly recommend her! EcoHealth member — Mount Pleasant, SC